A Letter from David & Kim

We believe that we are being pragmatic when we suggest that building strong families can promote positive change in the world. Peace on earth starts with peace at home. We have a mantra we use in our home and at our company, “Do small things with great love” and it is something that we live by every day. We believe that families operating from a strong foundation of love, safety, security and compassion, will share their blessings with the world by giving, serving and sharing.

Our vision is to help build strong relationships, families and close-knit communities. Then, with the synergy of our resources, we can have an impact on some of the big issues that face our families, communities, and our planet. We want all families to be a part of something magnificent in creating a peaceful, compassionate world.

We’re both optimists. We believe by doing small things with great love, we can help couples, parents and families get the chance to live healthy, productive lives. We are also in the process of creating the DKPreslar Foundation to enhance the scope of our services and our global impact.

We would love to have you join us and travel together on a journey of love, peace, compassion and healing.

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David & Kim Preslar