Join us as we present a series of two-hour workshops that serve as stand alone classes and as an introduction to the principles of Redirecting Children’s Behavior.  Pertinent topics are addressed  in a short digestible format in order to provide you with an opportunity to learn and interact with other parents.  See our event calendar for specific dates and locations.

  • Cooperative Parenting

We believe that the most effective parenting occurs when both parents act as a loving, unified, and cooperative team. This workshop addresses ways to synergize, communicate, and build a foundation of consistency in parenting that promotes positive and peaceful communication.

  • Managing Power Struggles

We all want and need to feel that we have a sense of power in our lives. Power struggles are the result of feeling powerless or out of control. We explore the dynamics of power struggles and explore ways to gain cooperation without yelling, threatening, bribing or nagging.

  • Understanding Temperament

Temperament is one of the most underrated influences in a child’s life.  Many times it is the primary driving force in conflicts and misbehavior in children, as well as adults.  We will learn about the different temperament styles and common behaviors that stem from each style.  We will learn how to redirect behaviors that often go unnoticed and are misunderstood.

  • Bully-Proof Your Children

We take a close look at bullying behavior, what it is, its causes and what we as parents can do about bullying.  We will explore different kinds of bullying and learn tools to bully-proof your children, whether caught in the cycle as the bully, the victim or the bystander.

  • Dealing with Anger

Anger is an energizing, self-protective, emotional response to a perceived threat from a stressor. In this workshop, we discuss the emotional triggers and responses of anger, and learn techniques to become present, minimize yelling, and reduce stressful situations.

  • Why Can’t Y’all Just Get Along?

This is a great workshop to help reduce the stress of family life. Quarrelsome behavior drains everyone’s energy and can try the patience of the most peaceful and loving parents!

  • Balancing Work and Family Life

Finding a balance in work and family activities can be challenging. In this workshop we explore the opportunities to be present for your work and your family! We address techniques for setting schedules, managing time and activities, conducting family meetings and enhancing communication.

  • A New Definition of Fatherhood

Fathers’ roles in their children’s lives are evolving faster and more dramatically than ever before. Today’s Dads are much more involved in their children’s lives and parenting duties. More fathers are becoming the stay-at-home, work-at-home parent and also providing the primary daily care for the children. This workshop explores the new paradigms of fatherhood and explores such topics as: household management, balancing work and family, cooking and meal planning, and a list of many other useful tips for ALL fathers. Taught by a stay-at-home Dad!

  • Building a Blended Family

Parenting can be challenging, and things can become exponentially more complex when you have a blended family.  This workshop will lay the groundwork for building a successful blended family.  Taught by parents of a blended family!

  • Parenting and Technology

We are not technology experts however we do have some practical ideas about how to keep kids safe with the use of technology.

  • Aware Parenting

We realize that parenting is changing.   Aware Parenting is our look at the evolution of modern parenting.

  • Meal Planning & Cooking

Take the guess work out of meal planning, shopping and cooking!  We explore simple yet useful techniques that make family meal time a fun, nutritious and easy.